Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life Tracks

We Are Family - Sister Sledge
I choose this song because I am very close to my family. Family means the world to me. We are family means that all of us brother, sisters, dad, mom, grandparents, and teammates. We all love each other, and are one big happy family.

We Own It - 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa
I choose this song because this describes the sport I play. In the song it talks about playing softball. “One shot, everything rides on 2 night, even if I got 3 strikes I'm gonna go for it this moment we own it.” This is saying if you have 3 strikes still go for it, and keep fighting as a team. It also wants you to own the moment not skip the moment. This really relates to sports even softball. This is also one of my teams warm up songs.

We Can’t Stop - Miley Cyrus
I choose this song because my team and I play softball almost everyday. We can not stop playing because we love the game. This song is describing that they won't stop they will do whatever they want to. My team can't stop and we do whatever we want to do in games. If we want to win we can win, if we don't want to win we won't win. This song also relates to my team.

We Are Young - Kelly Clarkson
I choose this song because I love being young. I am still in my childhood and very young. My team is also young, and we can do a lot more things when we are young. We set the bar high and strive for whatever we think we can reach. I love being young and wish I was young forever!!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame - Jack Norworth
I choose this song because I play softball. They play this song during softball games. This relates to me because when I play my sport this song is played.  Also this is about a softball game, and that is what I play. This is why I choose this song.

Another One Bites The Dust - Queen
I choose this song because in nationals we rammed through all the teams. Another team bites the dust when they played my team. We chopped one team down at a time and again another one bites the dust. This is why I choose that song.

We Are The Champion - Queen
I choose this song because we were state champions last year. We also came in 3rd at nationals.  We were the champion last year, so this sng ties in with my team. That is why I choose we are the champion.

Stay Strong - Michael Stagliano
I choose this song because I love the saying stay strong. I tell everybody to stay strong, even my teammates. I think this is part of the mental side of the game. You have to believe in yourself to succeed. Stay Strong is a key factor in my life.  

#That Power - William and Justin Bieber
I choose this song because this is my teams song. My teams name is Power. In this song it says we got that power. My team has a lot of power. This is also my teams walk ups song, and party song. This is why I choose this song.

Believe - Justin Bieber  
I choose this song because I also love to say Believe in yourself. Just like stay strong, I love the mental side. I also always tell my teammates believe in yourself, trust yourself, and stay strong. This is why I picked this song.

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