Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Artifact Project

This artifact was passed down to my sister and I. This quilt was made by my 96 years old great grandma. She just passed away last year, and we miss her so much. She was a type of person who loved to sew. She sewed a quilt for my sister and I. This quilt had cartoons characters on the front since we were little. On the back of the quilt it said, “bundle of love” with stars and moons. The stars and moons were an example of going to bed at night. The words meant she loves us and never forget that when we are sleeping. This quilt means a lot to me because she sewed it herself just for us. She also made lots of shirts for herself, but she always wore them.  I wish she was still her today, but I know she knows we all love her, and miss her tons.

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