Thursday, October 3, 2013

We got that Power!!! Its been real Normal, IL!!

Power 3rd place at Nationals

3rd place at Nationals!!!! My team is called Florida Power Black Kaser. We finished 3rd out of 124 teams at ASA Nationals!! We flew to Normal, Il, which felt like 300 hours. We stayed in the winners brackets all the way till the semi final game. We did not just play softball, we partied too!! After are games we played volleyball, and had a cookout. We kept winning, so we went go carting. My teammate jumped form boat to boat in bumper boat. She got us kicked out of the bumper boats, but it was worth the laugh. Nationals was not just softball, it was with the people you were with and the events. Fireworks finished the opening ceremony. Nationals was one of the best trip I have ever been on!! This helped form my brand to what it is today!

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